How to work with long numbers and ICCIDs in Postman csv files?



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    Many customers like to create devices in bulk using tools like Postman. When large numbers (most commonly the ICCID) are used for a field such as device/endpoint name, tools like Postman and Excel interpret the number and remove the last digit

    An example of this is shown below where the ICCIDs are 8988303000004490000, 8988303000004490001, 8988303000004490002 etc

    The raw data looks like:

    However, when this is imported into Postman, the last digit is 0 instead of 0,1,2,3 etc. 


    Likewise, opening the .csv file in Excel and allowing Excel to interpret the ICCID as a number leads to similar behaviour.


    The solution is not to work with ICCIDs as numbers but as strings. This is easily achieved in the .csv file by using quotation marks. 

    The raw data looks like:

    And when imported to Runner in Postman, it will look like this:

    If reviewing the data in Excel, it is best to open a blank workbook, import using the "Data" ribbon and the "From Text/CSV" button and using the "Do not detect data types" option. 




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