2FA without a phone app


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    Bradley Herman

    Yes! The emnify two-step-authentication mechanism is based on the TOTP standard and you are free to use any alternative application that you trust – on a phone/PC/Mac etc.

    Popular applications like KeePass have the ability to generate such time-based one-time-passwords.

    To get the “shared secret” for KeyPass, go to the emnify portal and the user settings where the two-factor authentication is enabled.

    There is a link just above the QR Code where it says, “Alternatively you can copy the secret key to add it manually here” and this will allow you to see and copy the secret key

    In KeePass:

    Create a new entry or edit an existing one.

    Right-click the entry and select Edit Entry (Quick) OTP Generator Settings and enter the secret from the emnify portal

    • Generate the first one-time password to validate the settings by
      • Right-clicking on the entry in the main DB
      • Select “Other Data  Copy Time-Based OTP”

    Enter the OTP / code into the emnify portal to confirm that it works.






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