EMnify SIM Card vs. Arduino® Portenta Cat. M1/NB IoT GNSS Shield?


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    Jorge Merino

    Hi Rogerio,

    I have checked the specs of this modem, and it should be completely compatible with our network. There are some things you should consider:

    -I believe you are based in Singapore. In Singapore we have validated both LTE-M (band 3)and NB-IoT (band 8), both with SingTel. Modems like the one you are using allow the selection of the preferred Radio Access Type. I'd recommend to force the device to try with LTE-M networks first, and if not, with NB-IoT. To do it via AT-commands you can find more information here, section 8.16. If this has to be done via the Arduino IDE, please try first with: 

    GSM.begin(pin, apn, username, pass, CATM1)

    -Please make sure to test first with both eDRX and PSM features disabled.

    -In the arduino_secrets.h tab, you will have to configure the APN (em). Please leave PIN, username and password blank.

    If none of this work, can you please share the error message you are getting?

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    Hello Jorge,

    I am currently troubleshooting with the Arduino Firmware team on how to pass all these commands to the modem so all the right features and frequency bands are selected.

    I will update you once we have a solution. Thanks.

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