How to increase inclusive volume data? (Comment augmenter le volume de data mutualisé)


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    Hi Fabrice,

    Thanks for raising that question. Since the community is in English, I took the liberty to update the title of your post.

    Translation of your question: "I have an inclusive of 25 MB and I want to increase it to 50MB. How can I do that?".

    Two solutions here:

    • If you want to increase the inclusive volume for each device, you should contact your Customer Success Manager. You can also send your request to and we will handle it.
    • If you want to increase the total pool to from 25 to 50, you can activate a new device with a SIM assigned to it. The first device will bring 25MB and the second one too even if it is not used. That will bring the total pool to 50 MB.

    Let us know if you need more help.

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