How to connect to O2 NB-IoT network in germany with Quectel BC95g


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    Ertan Metin

    Hi Ansgar,

    Sorry for the delay in replying your message.

    This is interesting. I assume you are using the same command set as when you connect to the Telekom network (Band=8) with EMNify SIM card, right?

    According to AT+CEREG? result, the module is 
    2 Not registered, but UE is currently trying to attach or searching an operator to register to

    NB-IoT service from Telefonica O2 is validated by our tests at certain locations but not guaranteed in the whole country as per our up-to-date status here:

    I understand that there is NB-IoT availability with O2 at your location according to your test with native O2 SIM. However the service in roaming conditions can be different. And here the module cannot register to Telefonica O2 even if it can detect it.

    Under these conditions, we can only advise that you use Telekom network at band 8 which is marked as a guaranteed service on our table.


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