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    Jorge Merino

    Hi Marvin,

    The Administrator role provides unrestricted access to all the features available in the portal, I believe this one is clear.

    The Observer role, on the other side, provides read-only access, meaning, Observers cannot create or disable connected devices, reset the connectivity, etc. It is important to know that this role does not allow to read the events available per connected device, but they can check if a device is online, how much data they have consumed, etc.

    And last, The User role has unrestricted access in the Connected Devices, Reporting and Device Policies menu. What Users cannot do is:

    • Add/delete other users
    • Modify details of the organization (billing, etc.)
    • Add/delete IP address spaces
    • Generate Application Tokens

    In general, the User role is suitable for daily operations. Just make sure that Users have enough available IP addresses in case they need to add new devices.

    Please let me know if there is any other specific task you want to know about.

    Thank you!

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