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  • What are the differences between OpenVPN and IPsec Tunnel?

    EMnify offers different types of VPN: - The OpenVPN should be used to remotely access devices using EMnify SIM cards from any computer. We have guides to do so for Windows, Linux and MacOS. - IPSec...

  • Quel procédure de sélection de réseau dois-je choisir pour mes appareils avec une carte SIM EMnify ?

    Les appareils peuvent se connecter au réseau mobile de deux façons : en mode automatique ou en mode manuel. Règle principale: Pour utiliser les cartes SIM EMnify, nous recommandons à l'utilisateur ...

  • Configuration d'Un IPSec via CloudConnect

    EMnify offers the possibility to setup an IPSec to keep all data communication between your application server and our mobile core private. Thanks to the EMnify CloudConnect you can create an IPSec...

  • Webinar: Introduction to the EMnify API

    In this video, we give an introduction to the EMnify API: Advantages of the EMnify API Presentation of the API documentation The authentication procedure Examples with Swagger and Postman The fo...

  • Webinar: How does EMnify pricing structure work?

    Introduction to the EMnify pricing structure. Watch this video if you want to get more details about the Tariff Profiles and Hosting fees.      

  • How to setup multiple VPN connections?

    If multiple users within a company wish to access their devices via VPN at the same time, they can. In our integration guides for Windows and Linux we describe how to setup the VPN connection. Two ...

  • When will my device receive a Mobile Terminated (MT) SMS?

    1. What is an SMS MT? There are two kinds of SMS: Mobile Originated (MO) SMS when a device sends a message Mobile Terminated (MT) SMS when a device receives a message In the EUI, they will appear...

  • SMS States description

    Here is an overview of the different states of SMS the EUI may display:

  • Webinar: introduction to the EMnify User Interface

    Quick introduction to the EMnify Interface. Watch this video to learn how to get your devices online with an EMnify SIM card.

  • Customer monthly usage limit

    At EMnify we set a monthly usage limit on all customers accounts. The limit is based on the customer's service usage and goes up accordingly. It is set in Euro and takes into consideration the cost...