How can I find the ID of a SIM based on its ICCID (API)?



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    Joseph Johnson

    For the new emnify IoT eSIMs, the format of the ICCID (text and barcode) has been updated to include the Luhn checksum digit.

    To find the SIM ID using the ICCID with the Luhn checksum digit, you can change the parameter being searched like this:


    Alternatively, the ICCID can be shortened (removing the Luhn checksum digit) and you may continue to use the API calls as above. 

    Some background: 

    Every ICCID can be described with / without the Luhn checksum digit;

    ICCID: 898830300000xxxxxx7
    ICCID with Luhn: 898830300000xxxxxx7y

    The ICCIDs without the Luhn checksum digit are sequential whereas the AT command (AT+CCID=?) will typically return the ICCID with the Luhn checksum digit. 

    The emnify REST API now returns both ICCID values: iccid and iccid_with_luhn when a call is made to query the SIM/endpoint. The eID value includes the Luhn checksum digits by default. 

    Further information:

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    Alastair Longmuir

    Searching with the ICCID, using the 'ICCID with Luhn' parameter also works.

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