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  • Firma elettronica

    EMnify sta utilizzando un software per la firma digitale dei contratti. Per maggiori informazioni sulle firme digitali (E-Signatures) Le consigliamo di visitare: Agenzia per l'Italia digitale Legi...

  • What is a “Source address”?

    When sending SMS to your endpoints using the SMS console on the EUI, you need to input a source address. This address will be interpreted by the receiving device, as the source of the message (like...

  • How to send SMS from an external mobile phone to my device?

    You can send P2P SMS messages to your endpoint using the MISDN of the SIM as the destination address (it is basically SIM's "phone number"), which can be found under the Details tab of the SIM Pane...

  • How to use a Huawei E3531 in Modem Mode

    Install Raspbian Jessie Download Raspbian Jessie and copy the image to your SD card, see Raspberry PI README for detailed installation instruction. Install needed packages apt-get install ppp u...

  • Endpoint Connector for waylay.io

    { "name": "emnifyEndpointConnectivitySensor", "version": "0.0.6", "type": "sensor", "script": "// EMnify Endpoint Connectivity Sensor\n\nif (options.requiredProperties.endpointId) {\n ...

  • Arduino sketch for GSM data connection using EMnify SIM

    /* Simple HTTP Client over GPRS This sketch establishes a GPRS connection and sends a HTTP request to a hardcoded URL Circuit: * Arduino with GSM shield attached * EMnify SIM card ins...